my games

with a bang and a whimper

a bitsy game about getting laid in space.

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a bitsy game about a hitman with a diating app obsession.

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a homoerotic bitsy game about getting pizza.

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a bitsy game about the end of the world.

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a puzzlescript game about healing a damaged land.

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a pico-8 game about healing a damaged land better than your friend.

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what did i do to deserve this

a twine game about talking dogs and curses.

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(More of my solo games can be found on my page.)

games i've worked on

party, darling?

a dimension-hopping crime-solving adventure. unravel the mystery of the reclusive Omar Clean at a house party gone wrong! the random content and procedurally-generated levels make the game different every time you play. i worked on this for my senior project at Carleton, as part of the SweetHeart Squad. it was built with our custom engine, S-Tengine 2.

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bouncing balls with the boing boing boys

a multiplayer deathmatch arena where only the bounciest survive.

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deluge suites

a post-apocalyptic hotel simulator. this was made for City Sim Jam. i worked on this with fellow SweetHeart Squad member Sean LeBlanc. built with S-Tengine 2.

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hare's hollow

a visual novel about the nature of Nature. this was made by the SweetHeart Squad for the WAG Challenge. built with S-Tengine 2.

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(You can find more SweetHeart Squad games on our page.)